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Is Your Home Inspector Adequately Insured?!?

Did you know that if a Home Inspector is injured at a house and does not carry Workmen's Compensation Insurance, the home owner can be liable for his injuries?

Coman Home Inspections carries General Liability insurance and Workmen's Compensation insurance on all of our inspectors. The owner of the property can relax, knowing that if we damage any property or get injured on the property, we are covered by insurance.

Insurance Limitations: Coman Home Inspections does not carry any insurance coverage of any type on the home buyer, the home seller, the real estate investor, the real estate agent or any third party involved in the transaction.

For Real Estate Agents

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Let Coman Home Inspections Make Your Home Inspection go smoothly

Our trained home inspectors will work closely with your clients to answer all of their home inspection related questions. We provide a reasoned approach when describing defects found in a building. And we educate our clients about building maintenance and about operational aspects of the building.

Let your clients know that home inspectors are not required to move furniture or objects. Plus we do not want to break anyone's belongings. If safety and/or operation controls are shut off, home inspectors will not turn them on. For safety reasons, we must assume that they are shut off for a purpose.

These controls include, but are not limited to, electrical circuit breakers, gas pipe shutoff valves, and water supply shutoff valves. Having these valves off can slow down the home inspection process, hence the home selling and buying process.